Lisa Colpaert is an independent fashion designer and film historian.

Her love for 1940’s Hollywood cinema, cinematography, and film style is her inexhaustible source of inspiration. A piece of clothing should have a pattern, a cut and a hemline, but not necessarily in that order. In addition, Lisa’s craftsmanship is defined by cut-and-paste. She is fascinated by the craft of patternmaking and she makes handmade collages, which characterize her digitally printed textiles. I’ll keep it with mine is her current brand of silk scarves.

She is the author of The Dark Galleries: A Museum Guide to Painted Portraits in Film Noir, Gothic Melodramas, and Ghost Stories of the 1940s and 1950s (Gent: AraMer, 2013, with Steven Jacobs). Together with Steven Jacobs, Susan Felleman and Vito Adriaensens she is working on a book project, provisionally entitled Sculpture and Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, Forthcoming).